Plans and prices

Our dental plans provide all your routine care, examinations, hygiene appointments and oral hygiene instruction, all necessary x-rays as well as an emergency dental service and trauma cover anywhere in the world.

Annual Plan £7.95 per month
Six Month Plan £11.95 per month
Hygiene Plan £24.95 per month


  • four scale and polish appointments a year with your dentist including periodontal advice
  • two dental health examinations per year
Hygiene Plan Plus £45 per month


  • four enhanced hygiene therapy appointments including deep gum cleaning with local anaesthetic, bespoke mapping of the gums to help focus and monitor treatment and oral hygiene instruction with our dental therapist
  • two dental health examinations per year
  • two routine hygiene appointments
Children’s Plan £5.95 per month*
*children with no adult teeth can have examinations under their parent’s plan

At your first appointment:

For adults, the new patient examination with scale and polish will be £65 plus two x-rays at £15 each.

However, if you opt to join one of the dental plans following your new patient examination this will be reduced to £65 as your x-rays will be included free of charge.

For young children who require just an examination and preventative care such as application of fluoride onto their teeth, the value of the initial examination is £40.

For older children who require examination and scaling and polishing, the fee would be the same as the adults at £65 plus £15 per x-ray – which would be included free of charge if they opted to join the dental plan.

All patients will receive necessary referrals externally included in the examination fee for example referral onwards for sedation, secondary level care in hospital or orthodontists.

Dentistry pricelist

Treatment Standard price Plan price
Adult examination £65 £0 Both include simple scale and polish
Child’s examination £40 £0
Routine dental exam £45 £0
Review appointment £35 £0
Emergency assessment £45 £35
X-rays £15 each £0
Large x-rays £60 each £50
CBCT scan from
CBCT scan report from
Digital scan £35 £0
Photographs £15 £0
Study models £85 £72.50
Hygienist visit £87.50 £78.50
Periodontal treatment £120 £100
Airflow stain removal £95 £78.50
Smile design £85 £72.50 per tooth
Amalgam silver fillings from
White cosmetic composite fillings from
Extractions from
Surgical extractions £235 £208.50
Crowns from
depending on material and design
Bridges from
Veneers from
Dentures from
depending on material

Root canal treatments

Standard level

Incisor from
Premolar from
Molar from

Special interest level

Consultation £85 £75
Incisor from
Premolar from
Molar from
Composite Veneers from
per tooth
Tooth whitening £295 £295

Dental Implants

Consultation £75 £75
Dental implants from


Fixed cosmetic braces

One arch £1995 Includes retainers, minor tooth contouring and tooth whitening
Full mouth £2995 Includes retainers, minor tooth contouring and tooth whitening
Invisalign from £2995 to £3995 Depending on complexity. Includes tooth whitening, minor tooth contouring and some retainers.

Facial aesthetics pricelist

Anti-wrinkle injections

One area £110
Two areas £200
Three areas £260

Dermal fillers

Lip augmentation including anaesthetic £340
Cheek and tear trough augmentation £470
Non-surgical rhinoplasty £265
Chin augmentation £265
Jawline filler £470
Temple volumisation £265
Filler dissolve £150

Skin tightening

Skin boosters £150
Profilo £250
PRP £350
Including microneedling

Body contouring

Fat dissolving injections £250
3D Lipo Fat freezing £250
Monothreads £150
3D Lipo 8 week course £1200
Including cavitation, radio frequency and shockwave session

Non-surgical thread face lift

Including ‘pre-tox’ two rounds of threads and full face dermal fillers as required



Private GP services

Consultation £65
Prescription medication £20
Private medical £95
Hayfever injections £95
Minor surgeries from £210
Blood tests from £110
Saxenda weight loss injections £400
Immunisations from £95
Joint injections from £120
Other services available – prices on request

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