Left it a long time since your last check-up?

Non-judgemental dental care.

The gentle dentist for nervous patients

Here at The Practice, we believe all dentists should be gentle, patient and understanding. However, if you find visiting the dentist worrying or stressful, we understand that you might need extra time, patience and support. That’s why we have special clinics for nervous patients…

If you find check-ups and treatments challenging, the time pressure of a ‘normal’ appointment can increase tension. We offer special extra-gentle clinics for nervous patients so you can progress at your own pace and comfort level, with the help of our caring team.

Non-judgemental care and restorations

Taking your first step through the clinic doors can be big. So know that once you visit us, we’re completely supportive. We understand that you might have left it years since your last visit, and can help even the most troubled teeth transform into healthy, happy smiles. Contact us for advice about dental restoration.

We promise:

  • To be non-judgmental
  • To take every treatment at your pace
  • To explain everything properly as many times as you need
  • To give you all the options so you can make informed choices about your treatment path

Let us help you

Please do pop in and meet the team, or if this feels too scary, simply pick up the phone and request a call back from the dentist. We’ll talk you through your concerns – whilst you remain at a safe distance! – then work together to find a way forward that’s as close to your comfort zone as possible.

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  • What happens during an extra-gentle appointment?

    We will take the time to discuss how your anxiety first developed and work as hard as possible to avoid anything that could trigger your anxiety. The appointment will never be rushed and more importantly, we always listen.

    The more information you can give us, the more we can tailor your treatment at a level that you can cope. You can also be assured that there will never be any pressure to proceed. We like the patient to control these appointments and if you say you need to stop, we stop. Take a look at the testimonials at the bottom of this page to see what other nervous patients have to say.

  • I haven’t been to the dentist for 10 years – will you tell me off?

    Absolutely not. We understand that not every experience is as positive one, and that many people are fearful about the dentist. In fact, our team have helped many people on a journey back from being unable to have treatment through to restorative dentistry to help them be free of pain and have lovely, healthy smiles once again. Take a look at our testimonials at the bottom of this page to get an idea of other patient’s experiences.

  • Can I listen to music or put my headphones in?

    Yes, of course you can. You’re in control of your treatment – just let us know how we can help you feel more comfortable.